As a non government organization we want to spread technology around the world specially in the 3rd world. We hope that gathering best free articles and also making content specially for people who live in countries like TURKEY SYRIA IRAQ UAE IRAN cause they have less accessibility to high speed networks and free education So they can learn latest technology and learn new ways for living and knowing.
We have a network of people around the world who will help us to create content and tutorials in several languages : English – Kurdish – Arabic – Turkey – Persian .
We named our selves HAYA , Haya have several meanings , in Kurdish language it means smartness as a symbol of what we want to spread , in Spanish its a kind of tree as a symbol of nature , in Japanese it means Life as symbol of what we want to improve.
We know that our Goal is to big for us , but we want to take every small step needed to reach that goal.

With Hope and Love